Fraternal Order of Eagles

Maumee Aerie #2562


Aerie Officers:

Worthy President 

Mike Morressey

Jr Past Worthy President

William Nickens

Worthy Vice President 

 Dan Teniente

 Worthy Secretary 

Jim Jakubowski

Worthy Treasurer  

Frank Hammond

Worthy Conductor

 Walt Miller

Worthy Chaplin

Robert Lawless

Inside Guard 

Barry McNally

Outside Guard

Mark Ferguson



Jim Williams

Tim Sobczak

Al Strzelecki




Father of the Year

Jim Williams


Mother of the Year

Sam O'Brien






Wonít you please give your club an hour or two of your time per month?  There are so many things that must be done to keep our club alive and vibrant.  There are a core group of people that are here all the time but, definitely not enough.  Every day is different and, every day there are numerous things to be done.  We, your fellow brothers and sisters, are working diligently to keep our doors open but, it is exhausting.  If we could just get at least a quarter of our membership to donate a little time each month it would make it so much easier and, what better way to get to meet your fellow Eagles?  It can be very enjoyable to meet and work with others.  Yet one more way to promote socializing!! : )

 If you are a morning person, just come to the back door (between the kitchen and the Banquet Room) around 9:00 a.m. and you will be able to come in.  Getting ready to open every day can be a real chore Ė depending on the previous night.   There are floors to be mopped, carpet to be swept; bathrooms to be cleaned and stocked, trash cans to be emptied, etc.  If you are an early afternoon person, we are in desperate need of a day waitress/waiter.  We serve lunch from 11:00am until 2:00pm Monday through Friday.  It is short term daily and can be very satisfying.  If you are an evening person, there are always raffles to be done or clean up in the kitchen, doing dishes, straightening tables and chairs in the Social Room, cleaning all the tables in preparation for the next day.  So many things we canít name them all but, you get the idea.  We are in desperate need of your help.  Wonít you come join us?


We are sure that you are aware of the House Rule that limits a male guest to three visits, at which time he should be presented with an application for membership.  As his sponsor, if he enjoys our facility, our mission and camaraderie, it is your responsibility to invite him to join our membership.            Fraternally, Board of Trustees  

District Meetings: 

Several of us meet at our Club and go to District Meetings together, if youíre interested in joining us please talk to Bill Earle.

Meetings are normally held the 2nd Sunday of each month.  

Meetings are informative; include numerous raffles and complementary door prizes. 

Meetings allow each of us an opportunity to mingle with other brothers. After the meeting there is usually a very nice dinner.



Sunday, June 13th - Rossford #2322





Did You Know?

State Charity Chairman for Village Network:  Jim Jakubowski

Jim Jakubowski is  an Ohio State Conductor